I’m Sonny Looms — an Australian creative with a focus on brand development.

I work to find ideas, strategies, and creative approaches through a combination of psychology, technology, language, and design-thinking principles. Through creative thinking, I believe brands can be immensely powerful; that they have the ability to inspire, drive influence, and create change.

My experience extends across lifestyle, retail, professional services, hospitality and leisure, sport, real estate, the arts and more. I hold a B. of Communication in Advertising and a B. of Graphic Design. I’m a former AGDA council member, and have been a guest speaker on brand, design, and communication related subjects. My work has helped transform organisations and brands, some of which has been awarded and recognised nationally. I also once won an extremely prestigious Harry Potter illustration competition, when I was around eight years old.

I live and breathe what I do, but when I’m not stuck to my Mac you’ll find me eating out, spending time with friends and family, and travelling.

I’m a Partner of Swell, and currently work in the business as a creative in Canberra, Australia.